Are you a Celsius creditor who is looking to recover your lost funds?

If so, then you need to check out the Celsius Recovery Solution Membership Portal. This FREE Membership Portal gives you access to Simon Dixon's insights and strategies for recovering lost funds. 

In the portal, you will find:

  • A 5-part video series in which Simon Dixon shares his personal experiences and strategies for recovering lost funds.
  • A community forum where you can discuss the videos with other Celsius creditors and bounce ideas off of each other.
  • Access to transcripts and slides of the videos, so that you can refer to them at your own pace.
  • AMA (Ask Me Anything) videos where Simon Dixon answers questions live on X Spaces (formerly Twitter Spaces).
  • And more!

Here's a breakdown of each video, Part 1 to 5, and the topics covered in each:

Video 1 - My Personal Celsius Recovery Strategy Revealed (Friday, 1st September 2023)

  • How Simon Dixon will be aiming to recover his Bitcoin using his liquid crypto distribution. 
  • How Simon will be aiming to recover his Bitcoin from NewCo Equity. 
  • How Simon will be aiming to recover his Bitcoin from successful litigation proceeds.

Video 2 - My Celsius Timing,Tax & Litigation Strategy Revealed (Friday, 8th September 2023)

  • Each step I’ll be taking and what I’ll be looking out for as we approach the plan voting deadline on September 22nd 2023.
  • How I’ll be planning my tax strategy & simple transactions to check with your tax advisor. 
  • How I’ll be monitoring the litigation oversight committee & NewCo board to recover more Bitcoin.

Video 3 - My Celsius Governance Strategy Revealed (Friday, 15th September 2023)

  • The importance of NewCo share classes & corporate structure;
  • The importance of the NewCo Board Dynamics;
  • The importance of the Litigation Oversight Committee Members.

Video 4 - My Celsius Chapter 11 Voting Strategy Revealed (Thursday, 21st September 2023)

  • How I’ll be voting on the plan now the plan supplement has been released & what I’m looking for before I decide on the equity toggle. 
  • How I’ll be managing my class claim against Celsius. 
  • How I’ll be managing litigation against Celsius pre-petition management, FTX, insiders, influencers & other non-released parties. 

Video 5 - The Complete BF Celsius Recovery Solution Revealed (Friday, 29th September 2023)

  • AMA on my Personal Celsius Recovery Strategy on the day of the voting deadline. 
  • AMA on my Celsius Timing,Tax & Litigation Strategy on the day of the voting deadline.
  • AMA on my Celsius Chapter 11 Voting Strategy on the day of the voting deadline.

The Celsius Recovery Solution Membership Portal is the perfect way to get started on your journey to recover your lost funds. Sign up today and start taking back what's yours!

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