Are You A Celsius Creditor Who is Looking To Recover Your Lost Funds?

If yes, then you need to check out the Celsius Recovery Solution Membership Portal.

This FREE Membership Portal gives you access to Simon Dixon's insights and strategies for recovering lost funds. 

In the portal, you will get:

A 5 Part Video Series in which Simon Dixon shares his personal experiences and strategies for recovering lost funds;

  Ability to comment under every video allowing you to engage with other Celsius creditors whilst bouncing ideas off of each other;

  Access to full video transcripts of all videos including AMA's and Bonus videos, so that you can refer to them at your own pace;

  AMA (Ask Me Anything) videos where Simon Dixon answers questions live on Twitter X;

 Bonus Videos;

 Download Slide presentations that have been used in each of the live-streamed videos including Bonus videos;

And much more!

The Celsius Recovery Solution Membership Portal is the perfect way to get started on your journey to recover your lost funds. Sign up today and start taking back what's yours!

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