Celsius Borrower & Earn Settlement Explained | Simon Dixon LIVE

Jul 24, 2023

In this video summary, Simon Dixon discusses the recent settlement between borrowers and investors in the Celsius case. He explains that the original Bitcoin hard talk episode was postponed due to this development. The settlement was a result of the strength of legal cases and regulatory issues surrounding the loan solution. The settlement is structured in a smart and efficient way, aiming to achieve a swift exit from chapter 11 this year. It involves a class claim process, where opting in grants a 5% bonus to claim value. The settlement aims to consolidate all company claims and resolve issues related to fraud and misrepresentation. It also explores tax-efficient distribution methods. Dixon emphasizes the importance of good governance, the achievement of an NASDAQ listing, and ensuring fair interest rates. He also discusses potential delays and the need for unity among creditors to achieve the best recovery possible. Dixon expresses his goal of exiting chapter 11 in 2023, emphasizing the potential for maximizing equity value. He also highlights the need for better terms in the backup plan and increased focus on the RUG pool issue. Dixon concludes by urging creditors to participate actively, make informed decisions, and strive for a unified front.

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