Urgent Action Required: Pledge Your Claim To The Earn Ad Hoc Initiative

Aug 08, 2023
Urgent action required

Dear Celsius Creditor,

As part of an Earn Ad Hoc effort, I'm inviting you to pledge your support in the next 24 hours for an initiative to boost creditor recovery. Please note that this pledge does not require a transfer of your claim, but rather allows us to demonstrate to the court the collective creditor support for the Earn Ad Hoc's reservation of rights.

For detailed information about the initiative, an explanation video from me and instructions to calculate your USD claim in order to pledge your support, please visit the following link: https://www.simondixon.com/celsius 

I have already received pledges totalling an estimated $280 million, a significant testament to the strength of the Earn Ad Hoc cause. However, in order to more effectively represent the interests of a larger group of creditors, we need your support as well.

There are four key requests that we are making of Celsius:

  1. Increased influence over the selection of NewCo's board members.
  2. Enhanced decision-making authority regarding toggling to an orderly wind-down.
  3. Assurance of a transparent and competitive orderly wind-down selection process to maximise estate value.
  4. Implementation of a tax-efficient asset transfer structure to NewCo.

Additional matters are outlined in detail on the following webpage https://www.simondixon.com/celsius 

Your timely response is vital, as the pledge window will be closing in 24 hours. By pledging your support, you contribute to our collective strength and influence. Together, we can shape a fair and equitable outcome for all creditors.

Please remember that this initiative is led by the Earn Ad Hoc. I am working independently to support the Earn Ad Hoc's objectives.

Thank you for your attention and immediate action. Your commitment is crucial to achieving our goals.

Best regards,


Simon Dixon 
Bitcoin Angel Investor | Author | Bitcoin OG | CEO & Co-Founder of Bnk To The Future

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